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Now available for download from the Android market site ( Anyone can download the application to an Android phone free of charge. Once downloaded the application can record and store dictation jobs. In order to progress further to send, transcribe and create documents, the user needs to have a Winscribe server licence. Winscribe for Android is also available on an OnDemand basis.

Winscribe for Android provides similar functionality to the Winscribe for iPhone application, designed for professionals on the move. With an easy to use interface, Winscribe for Android is fully in line with the trend of the mobile community for intuitive tools.  Part of the Winscribe mobility suite, transmission of dictation files happens via HTTPS protocol to ensure the highest levels of client confidentiality. Another Winscribe classic, enhanced visibility and control, gives users the ability to view where jobs are at in the transcription process and modify workflows accordingly.

Some functionalities that are unique to Winscribe for Android:

  • Picture Attachment & Geo-Location functionality allows professionals to attach pictures, and utilize geo-location functionality to easily add the user’s location to the dictation file (including a map). This unique feature could be used by insurance company investigators out at accident sites as just one example.For full photo functionality, the device requires a minimum memory capacity of 512 MB
  • Barcode scanning technology – Winscribe for Android utilizes innovative barcode scanning technology allowing professionals to scan client information and pre-populate document templates with demographic information. This technology is particularly useful for the medical industry where a doctor is able to scan a barcode on a patient’s file or wristband and attach dictations directly to their record. Not only does this technology help streamlining the process, it also ensures data consistency and eliminates the risk of incorrect data assignment. Winscribe for Android can even go further and use “QR codes” and “data matrix” type codes to feed the application with complex data even faster.
  • Graphical User Interface based on customer feedback – One of the highlights of the new application is its new, user friendly and intuitive interface based on our customer’s feedback. The new interface requires a minimal number of clicks to create, send and review dictations which will help the users get their job done quicker and therefore improve their overall efficiency.

Winscribe for Android is designed to run on all Android phones with touchscreen capabilities, and a Secure Digital (SD) card. It has been tested on a number of devices; please contact your Account Manager for a detailed list.

Note: Android phones have different screen resolutions as this is not currently standardized like the Apple iPhone. As a result the final rendering of graphics will vary across each device. Uniformity with the user interfaces in the application cannot be guaranteed. The optimal resolution is 480 x 800 pixels.

The Android application requires Pocket Author Server v4.1.3.4 which works with Winscribe Dictation version 3.8 or higher.

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