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u91[2]Boost your business with a faster internet connection

Up to £3,000 in now available to businesses in Exeter following the expansion of the Governments’ “Super Connected Cities” scheme. The scheme has already run successfully in 50 cities across the UK and provided a welcome boost for businesses like yours.

To qualify for the funding, the new internet service must deliver an improved speed and experience for your business.  One-off installation or hardware charges are both covered under the scheme.

With better broadband you will have a reliable and consistent speed and be able to:

  • Do more in less time

Transfer large files in minutes at the touch of a button

A faster response means you can offer a better service to your clients

  • More meetings, less travel, less time

Cut the cost of travelling by hosting video conferences and be confident that your internet connection won’t suddenly slow down or drop out

  • Improve customer service 

A quicker, more reliable internet connection results in you keeping in touch with your customers through email and social media swifter than ever before

  • Move to the Cloud

Bandwidth-hungry applications like cloud computing will run as they were designed for; super-fast, seamless and interruption free

Future-proof your business with infrastructure that will keep up with the digital advance

If you meet the eligibility criteria below there’s a good chance your business can benefit from this limited funding

1 – a SME, charity or social enterprise*

2 – reside in an EX1, EX2, EX3, EX4 or EX5 postcode

3– choose a connection that will deliver a significant improvement on your current service

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* up to 249 employees and a turnover of less than £40m