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Are you paying too much for your ISDN lines and minutes?  Been stuck with the same supplier with no price reviews?  It could be time to change.  Let Alchemy Systems review your current bill and see where we can save you money.  In most cases, Alchemy Systems have been able to save customers up to 70%!


Why novate to Alchemy Systems?

  • Take advantage of competitive line rental charges and call rates
  • Alchemy Systems interconnect directly with BT and other carriers, which ensures competitive rates can be passed on to customers
  • One supplier, one bill for voice services
  • 24/7; 365 direct access to the Alchemy Systems support desk

As part of Alchemy Systems’ complete business phone system, we can supply your BT analogue, ISDN2 and ISDN30 lines.  This not only means the convenience of a single bill covering line rentals and calls, but also a single supplier relationship, leveraging cost savings.


How easy is it to novate to Alchemy Systems?

  • Review current phone bill to establish which lines are still linked directly to BT
  • Provide Alchemy Systems with the telephone number and site address for lines that need to be novated
  • Alchemy Systems will manage the novation directly with BT
  • Lines will be novated to Alchemy Systems within 10 working days
  • Future bills will be sent direct to you from Alchemy Systems provider
  • Alchemy Systems competitive tariffs will come into effect upon novation