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Simple pragmatic advice from Tony Robinson – director at Alchemy Systems

In my role, the most common question that I am asked by our clients is, “Is our IT secure?” Thankfully the answer for our clients is a positive one. Here at Alchemy Systems, we are the first to admit that no-one is 100% safe. We would advise anyone to be very wary if a company promises 100% security, today’s cyber criminals are constantly developing ways of bypassing even the most robust security measures. It is better to be prepared for a security breach, and we work closely with our clients to minimise the impact to their business, should the worst happen. The approach we advocate is that of layered security, we call it our hit list!
  • Physical – Actual lock and key approach, keep people away from things they do not need.
  • Network – Firewalls, intrusion detection and prevention systems with devices configured correctly.
  • Computer Hardening – Well known software vulnerabilities are the number one way that intruders gain access to systems.
  • Access Controls – These give organisations the ability to control, restrict, monitor, and protect resource availability, integrity and confidentiality.
  • The Human Factor – By far the most important precautionary layer, vigilance is key. Even the best anti-virus does not prevent a user from clicking on a link within a malicious email.

We are currently offering free IT Security Audits which could help towards GDPR governance and acquire the prestigious government backed Cyber Essentials certification vastly improving cyber threat prevention. cyber essentials

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