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A stronger and bigger service desk

The Alchemy Systems Group is coming up to 20 years old in July this year and our regional offices continue to work closely together, so much so that we have decided to pool our service desk resources into a seamless coherent front line help-desk to improve call handling and give more time back to 3rd line and account engineers. This is nothing new as the tech teams have always interacted to support busy times, technical escalations and product training.

Tony Robinson, after joining the board as Client Services Director, has been working tirelessly with the Group Technical Director Dan Hayward in many areas of systems improvement. Tony brought with him him 20 years of IT support knowledge along with 12 years of service delivery experience. This ITIL focus is now driving the company forwards to provide an even better customer experience.

This has lead to developing a unified phone system and investment in enterprise quality service desk software while still keeping full local storage, control and security of our clients stored data which remains on in our system and controlled by us.