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It was reported in TravelMole today that hospitality group Hyatt Hotels has warned of a malware attack on its payment processing systems, which was discovered by the company in late November.

The company has advised customers to monitor credit card statements for any unauthorized activity on their accounts, suggesting hackers had access to sensitive customer data. In a statement Hyatt said it ‘launched an investigation and engaged leading third-party cyber security experts,’ once the malware attack was discovered on November 30.

The hack is likely to have infected point of sale terminals found in hotel restaurants and retail outlets giving hackers remote access to customer card data and personal information.

Hyatt joins a growing list of hotel chains which have been hit with malware attacks in recent months which include Hilton, Starwood Hotels, the Trump Hotel Collection and Mandarin Oriental.

According to cybersecurity experts hotel point of sale systems have long been regarded as a soft target for hackers due to outdated software.

Are hotels doing enough to protect customer’s personal and card information? What do YOU think?  Share your thoughts below.


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