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Whilst its people are a firm’s greatest asset they can also be the weakest links in its endeavours to be cyber resilient.
It only takes one click on a malicious link in an email to jeopardise a firm’s security and the security of its data.One click is all it takes to put a firm out of action for hours or even for days.

One click is all it needs for client data to be compromised. If this leaks out then this can lead to serious reputational damage with attendant loss of income and possibly litigation expenses.

YOU could be your firm’s weakest link – whether you’re a highly paid senior manager or an unpaid student intern.
Yes – YOU!


Well…are YOU able to answer these basic questions?


  • Does your firm have a clear strategy to prevent cyber attacks?
  • Do you know what that strategy is?
  • Are you regularly informed about the types of cyber attacks that are prevalent and how to avoid them?
  • Have you been trained in how to maintain cyber security?
  • Do you know how resilient your firm is to cyber attacks?
  • Can you recognise the signs of a cyber attack?
  • do you know what to do if you suspect that you have been attacked?

If you can’t answer these questions then yes YOU could be the weakest link. Your firm needs to have a cyber training programme and regularly update its staff on cyber threats and how to avoid them.

Since the weakest link in most firms will be the people working for it then it’s essential to train them well and often, keep them informed and regularly monitor their compliance with security policies.

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