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Cyber Essentials certificaion

The Challenge

Cyber security affects all sizes, no matter how big or small you are. While it is common for businesses to think no-one is going to hack them, this is becoming less and less true.

Attacks against your network and web apps can be hugely disruptive to your business. Smaller firms who supply large companies are even being targeted as the weak link in the security chain. The cost and means to be able to recover from a breach can have a massive impact on a business. Therefore putting in place some fairly basic security controls up front is a wise investment.

The Solution

This is where Cyber Essentials fits in. As part of the wider UK govt task to tackle UK cyber crime, the Cyber Essentials scheme was thought up. It’s purpose, to assist in putting tnto place basic but effective security controls.

From the 1st October 2014, the UK govt will require all suppliers to have Cyber Essentials if bidding for contracts which handle certain sensitive data.

Cyber Essentials Practitioners

Alchemy Systems are ACE Practitioners. This means we can guide you through the whole process. We can also help you to into place the what is needed to pass. Also being based in Devon in the South West, we are ideally placed to help your Devon, Somerset or Cornwall based business.

5 Key controls

Cyber Essentials works on five key controls. These are:

  1. Boundary firewalls and gateways – These are devices designed to prevent the wrong type of access to, or from private networks.
  2. Secure settings – Ensuring that systems are set up and working in the most secure way.
  3. Access control – Only those who should have access to systems, have access, and at the right level.
  4. Malware blocking – Making sure that virus and malware software is installed and is it up to date.
  5. Patching – You must have the latest supported version of apps, and ensure all the patches sent by the vendor have been applied.

Read what industry leaders are saying about Cyber Essentials

“Increasing awareness of the cyber security threat to business is an important issue to the CBI. Therefore we are pleased to be one of the first organisations to take part in the scheme. Business leaders will benefit from the access to helpful and authoritative cyber security guidance. Encouraging firms to adopt this scheme is a positive step towards greater awareness of cyber security and more widespread action to manage the risks”
John Cridland, Director General, CBI

“The Information Commissioner’s Office supports the Cyber Essentials scheme and encourages businesses to be assessed against it. Protecting personal data depends on good cyber security, and the threats and challenges are getting ever more sophisticated. All too often organisations fail at the basics. This scheme focuses on the core set of actions that businesses should be taking to protect themselves, their customers, and their brand. Cyber Essentials enables businesses to demonstrate that they are taking action to control the risks”
Christopher Graham, Information Commissioner, ICO

“Cyber crime poses a real and growing threat for all businesses and small firms in particular. It should not be ignored. Many businesses take steps to protect themselves but the cost of crime can act as a barrier to growth. In the face of an ever increasing threat of cyber attacks, the FSB supports the Cyber Essentials scheme as an additional and important tool, designed to help reduce the risk to small firms and improve the resilience of the sector”
Mike Cherry, National Policy Chairman, FSB

“Swiss Re Corporate Solutions supports the Cyber Essentials scheme since it defines well the basic requirements in cyber risk management. It also believes it will be valuable to insurers in making judgements about how well businesses are managing their cyber security risks”
Willy Stoessel, Global Head of Cyber, Swiss Re Corporate Solutions

Free Cyber Essentials Downloads


Scheme summary

For more info about Cyber Essentials, please see the Scheme Summary.

The Requirements

The Cyber Essentials Requirements form presents guidance on the most basic controls an organisation needs to have in place.

Assurance Framework

The Cyber Essentials Assurance Framework explains how the assessment process works and the different levels of tests.

Would you like help and to get Certified?

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