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IT Support for Charities

Supporting the charity sector in Devon and the South West for all their IT needs

Alchemy Systems has been working with, and providing IT services and support for charities in Devon and the South West for many years. So we therefore understand the problems that you face when trying to balance the work you do with the budgets you have. At the end of the day we understand that you need to spend as much of your money on your beneficiaries rather than overheads. We work closely with providers of the services and products that you need to get prices as low as possible. Also from our end we offer discounts on Managed Service contracts and project fees for all registered charities.

What to expect from Alchemy for your Charity IT Support in Devon and the South West

In depth knowledge

After many years providing IT support for Charities in Devon and the wider South West, we understand the issues that you face, and the constraints you work within.

Special charity licensing

Working with external vendors such as Microsoft we can ensure that your charity only pays the minimum amount needed to get the high quality service you deserve.

Discounted services

As we understand that charities have strict budgets, we pride ourselves on helping you to achieve great things with little resources, all of our managed service contracts are discounted for charities.

Single point of contact

If you have a problem you do not want to have find the right support number or email address. We act as your single point of contact and will deal with any third party contracts or services so that you don’t have to.

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