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It’s great to have a business platform here in the southwest to show support for environmental responsibility

Grow Green is a new platform where local businesses can show there commitment by pledging to improve their environmental impact in all aspects of working life and beyond.

Alchemy Systems was founded before the millennium on the core principals of knowledge, integrity & commitment.  We recognise that our social, environmental and ethical conduct has an impact on our reputation. We therefore take all aspects of our corporate social responsibilities (“CSR”) seriously and are committed to perpetual review across the Group. We interpret CSR as a methodology for both social improvement and business ethics; care for the environment and community involvement, as well as good ethical behaviour and concern for employee health & safety.

Our green credentials

Alchemy Systems was an early adopter and corporate sponsor for DEBI and continues its commitment to reduce the impact our business has on the environment.  We enthusiastically welcomed the opportunity to sponsor Grow Green and together we are working to improve our business operations to take into consideration further protection of our natural resources. We encourage everyone to review operations and make commitments for improvement. 

Alchemy Systems built CSR into the fabric of the business from day one. – Its simple economic sense and everyone’s responsibility

“We also recognize how this positively affects our bottom line by reducing operating expenditure in many areas such as fuel and heating costs, reduced consumable purchases and staff retention”.

Our commitment is to:

  • Reduce our consumption of resources and improve the efficient use of those resources.
  • Manage waste generated from our business operations according to the application of reduction, re-use and recycling.
  • Manage our business operations to prevent pollution.
  •  Measure and take action to reduce the carbon footprint of our business activities
  •  Give due consideration to environmental issues and energy performance in the use of our buildings
  • Ensure our environmental policy criteria is taken into account in the procurement of goods and services
  • Comply with all relevant environmental legislation as well as other environmental requirements to which the firm subscribes.
  •  Continuously improve our environmental performance and integrate environmental management best practice into our business operations.

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